Hello from Munich

We are experiencing some very different weather here in Germany, it has been quite warm today and now a thunderstorm is over us. Yesterday was deceivingly warm, only about 19 degrees but humid. Munich is a very beautiful place. During World War 2, 60% of the city was bombed so it would have taken a while to rebuild. Today we visited Dachau, an old concentration camp from WW2 and we also walked around the city centre where there is a lot of expensive designer stores and heaps of shopping  (I know some of the girls would have loved it!). Our flight from Mrlbourne to Abu Dhabi was 14 hours, soooo long, then 6 1/2 from there to Munich. We were glad to be on the ground and wslking around! Here is a photo from Abu Dhabi Airport, and one flying over Abu Dhabi. Until next time!


9 thoughts on “Hello from Munich

  1. Ainslie

    there is some spelling mistakes any ways that looks really fun I hope you have a great time everywhere ells

  2. Noor

    Omg that look so fun. The pic with the plane looks sick.
    But have fun while your there. Send more stuff

    P.S I know how you feel for being on the plane for that long.

  3. mitchell

    Hi Mr Fraser Ive seen your photos and I hope you have a great time on the rest of your holidays

  4. Zoe

    Hi Mr Frazer,
    I hope your having I great time on your holiday. I like the photos your putting on the class blog.

    Have a good time on the rest of your holiday!!!

    from Zoe 🙂

  5. safa/noor

    i am guessing u were sitting next to the wing (from the pic) whenever were on the plane we never get good pics because of the wing but u got a good shot it looks like fun i hope your enjoying your time there ✌

  6. Liana

    Mr Fraser! The airport thingy looks so expensive to build! How much did it cost to build? Hope your having the best time of your life! (Missing us kids though) and so excited to see you again!


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