Bavaria and Munich

Well we are about to finish up here in Munich and move on to Venice. Not looking forward to a 3:00am wake up to catch the plane but we need to get there somehow. Munich has been great. It’s a beautiful city. We have visited the city centre, castles and fortified towns. We have also eaten some great food such as bratwurst (sausages), sauerkraut (cabbage), pork knuckle and snowballs. There is so much history in this place, if you ever get to Germany if is definitely worth a look. I’ll leave you with a couple of photos. Hope to access wifi in Italy. Bye. 


3 thoughts on “Bavaria and Munich

  1. Liana

    WOW MR FRASER! Looks amazing and what’s that yellow stuff on the Bratwurst? Hope your having fun and don’t miss us to much you can come back whenever you want we are having fun with miss Parris but we all still miss you!


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