Firenze and Rome

Florence is an amazing city, very old and beautiful.  We walked around the markets where they sell lots of leather, bags, wallets, scarves, soccer jerseys, clothing and souvenirs. We walked up to Piazzale Michaelangelo to get great views of the city, and we also climbed the Duomo and went into the cathedral. Then Rome. Wow! We got here and toured the Colosseum. It’s huge and something you really need to walk through at least once in your lifetime. Then we walked up Palestine Hill and looked over the Roman Forum  so old! While here we checked out the Pantheon, Trevi Fountain (under construction), and we climbed the Spanish Steps and actually saw pickpockets in action. What they do is work on pairs, one holds up a bit of cardboard with writing on it to distract you while the other goes for what’s in your pocket. While you’re here you learn to say no, shake your head or ignore people that come up to you trying to sell selfie sticks or other stuff. Here are some photos. Bye. 


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