Ah, the city of Love! You do experience a bit of love and hate here, though. Hate the massive queues but love the attractions when you finally get in. Such was the case for the Eiffel Tower. We had planned to visit early in the morning but the lines were long at 9:30am so we came back at about 7pm. Still had to wait but not as long. We visited a lot of sites but didn’t want to wait the queues during the day. I really enjoyed the Catacombes. It might be a bit much for young people because there are so many human skulls and bones, millions in fact, all lined up neatly to make walls. It is basically a massive graveyard. The stained glass windows of Saint Chapelle are amazing as well. Disneyland tomorrow then flying back on Tuesday. Will see you all on Thursday! I will leave you with some photos. Bye.  


2 thoughts on “Paris

  1. Liana

    Paris looks so pretty and I wich I was there with you to experience everything! Have fun in Disneyland and don’t have too much fun there!


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