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About Me PowerPoint

The slides that we will need for our ‘About Me’ interactive PowerPoint are:

  • Title slide (with buttons linking to specific slides)
  • About Me (information about you)
  • My favourite (anything)
  • My interests
  • Quiz (with questions and buttons linking to ‘correct’ and ‘wrong’ slides’
  • ‘Correct slide’
  • ‘Wrong slide’

Maths On Demand

Maths On Demand

Remember that the questions will time out so don’t waste your time.

You are welcome to have a paper and pen to work out but you might run out of time doing this.

The session key is: 4KX3DY5F

Here is a link to On Demand. Good luck.

When you finish, you can either work on any typing work for your house, magazine or use cool maths.

On Demand Reading

Remember that the questions time out now and you cannot pause the test.

The session key for this test is: KVJFRJ37

Here is a link to On Demand

If you can’t exit the screen when finished, press Alt+Tab to switch program screens.

When you are finished it would be a good idea to type your Bourchier Cup Recount quietly as other people will still be doing their tests.


Monday Afternoon

Complete these in order:

  1. Type procedure text (you can ask for it to be printed)
  2. Type up ‘About the editor’ page for your magazine (print)
  3. (For people finished) Type ‘My Hero’ and add pictures, make presentable
  4. Advertise / What’s Hot What’s Not page / Extras