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Inquiry – Thursday

Finish all other unfinished tasks and get them printed before you move on to the War Memorial page.

Tasks to complete – Coat of Arms, Canberra designer (Walter Burley Griffen), Parliament House.

War Memorial Task

One your Publisher page, have a picture of:

  • Roll of Honour
  • Pool of Reflection
  • G for George
  • Victoria Cross

Along with each picture, write 2 facts about them. Include a heading for the page.

Parliament House Page

Create a page on Publisher about Parliament house that includes these facts:

How long to build?

How many rooms ?

Height of flag mast?

How big is the flag?

How often flag is changed?

Some important artworks?

Cost to build?

Designer of building?



Find out the following information and present it on Publisher as a decorative page.

Who won the competition to design Canberra?

Where was the designer from?

What was the competition called?

What year was the competition held?

How many entries were there in the competition?

Include a photo of the designer and also the design of the city he drew.

Remember to include some different text styles, headings and borders.

When you finish, see Mr Fraser to get it printed.

On Demand Code

The Session Key you need to use for the Reading On Demand is KFNW5GHW

Do the On Demand quietly, you cannot pause this test so stay focused.

You can access On Demand at this link here

When you are finished On Demand, find Mr Fraser and let him know.

Australian Coat of Arms

Copy and paste a picture of the Australian Coat of Arms into Publisher.

Insert some arrows like the ones in the picture above.

Find out what each of the objects are that the arrows are pointing to.

Add text into the page beside the arrows explaining what they are.